ESRs and their projects:

ESR 1: Design a context aware framework in heterogeneous sensor and device network for smart water distribution networks by applying a deep analysis on the necessary remote, in-situ, real-time and continuous data from monitor; cost-effective sensors, instrumentation and actuators; communication standards; communication nodes embedding; and computing operations involved (BCU UK).

ESR 2: IoT smart framework and dynamic web platform for Integrated Knowledge Management in Urban Water Networks(BCU, UK).

ESR 3: Data intelligence and security in water management by exploring smart sensing data and IoT to enhance water security and resilience in smart water networks(SWN)(Singular Logic, Romania and BCU UK).

Latest News & Updates

New job opportunities of Early Stage Researchers for IoT4Win project

The research project IoT4Win investigates the current emerging and industrial related technologies for smart sensing, semantic web, open platform, IoT technologies, interoperability as well as data intelligence and security will all be combined in this industrial training programme, alongside the effective strategies to apply and further develop the skills in their individual research projects.

The successful candidate will work alongside Professor Wenyan Wu within the Centre of Engineering at BCU, UK and industrial partners from Greece, Romania and Spain. You will be registered for a PhD programme at Birmingham City University.

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